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As you choose a financial advisor, you should fully understand how they get paid. Advisors who receive commissions are salespeople and often operate under a conflict of interest. Advisors whose only compensation comes from the client is a true advisor whose goals and objectives align with the client. Click the DOWNLOAD button for the 3 types of advisor compensation. 



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Fiduciary vs Suitability Standards

Fiduciary Standard: An advisor operates under a duty of care and loyalty that puts the clients' best interests above the advisor. Follow the link to read Investopedia's definition of Fiduciary.

Suitability Standard: Motivated by sales quotas, the advisor’s duty is to the brokerage firm that he or she is affiliated with, not necessarily the client served. Follow the link to read Investopedia's definition of Suitability.   

Think Doctor vs. Pharmaceutical Rep The pharmaceutical rep is there to sell specific products. A doctor follows the Code of Medical Ethics to offer the best solutions for the patient.

Fiduciary Standards


Financial Advisor Check

It's easy to check online if the advisor and the advisory firm has any complaints filed against them. Click the links below to begin your search.

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